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Freeze-dried fruit and vegetables
Freeze-dried strawberry snacks

Fruit favorites with a twist.

Dark chocolate covered freeze-dried strawberries

Decadent, nutritious treats.

Freeze-dried vegetable snacks

Filling, delicious, and healthy.

Freeze-dried apple slices


Our signature process and custom-built freeze-dryers take the highest-quality frozen fruits and vegetables and turn them into tasty snacks that preserve all the nutrients and flavor of fresh produce.


We believe that you deserve a product that comes from the best farms around, free of harsh chemicals. Besides sourcing the best quality fruits and vegetables for Truth in Snacks™, our process ensures that each piece is full of nutrients, like antioxidants and vitamin C. We know that you don’t take any shortcuts with your or your family’s health, so we don’t either.

Young girl eating blueberries
Truth in Snacks arriving Spring 2017