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Freeze-dried vegetable snacks

Freeze-Dried Vegetable Snacks

Savory Vegetable

These savory vegetables are freeze-dried to capture the filling and aromatic flavors you’ve come to expect from wholesome home cooking. Plus, they’re healthy and packed with nutrients.

Sliced Beets with Sea Salt

Freeze-dried sliced beets with sea salt

Time to root for one of the classiest vegetables out there. Freeze-dried beets with sea salt bring a daringly unique twist to an age-old favorite. Earthy and filling!

All the delicious flavor of ranch dressing without the mess. Plus, these snap peas actually snap with the added heat of wasabi. Make sure to bring a glass of water along for the ride.

Wasabi Ranch Snap Peas

Freeze-dried snap peas wasabi ranch flavored

Chipotle Fire Roasted Corn & Red Pepper

Freeze-dried snap peas wasabi ranch flavored

Conjuring the flavors of the Southwest, this savory and smoky snack rolls two delicious treats into a single pack. Perfect for eating by the handful or as a garnish for a main dish.